• Dr Olga Galkina's Dental Service is an established world-class dental facility right in center of Riga.
• In our clinic, we concentrate on providing you with an outstanding, qualitative and complete dental experience within a short time period and at very affordable prices.
• Our dentists have years of successful experiences dealing with treatment of foreign patients. As Riga has become a well-known medical and dental tourism destination, patients from all around the world visit us with the intention to receive very affordable, well planned high-standard dental care and prefer to combine this with a nice vacation in our charming city in the heart of Europe.
• As a result of our world class customer service and excellent quality of treatment, a big part of our patients are foreign residents of Latvia, who work for large European companies, embassies or similar.
•We value our reputation and always try to achieve the best possible care for each of our patients, that is why most of our new patients visit us upon referral of satisfied customers.